Exploring the Next Generation of Search: A Hands On Review of Bing's AI-Powered Features

A Hands On Review of Bing's AI-Powered Features

A Hands-On Review of Bing's AI-Powered Features

Exploring the Next Generation of Search: A Hands-On Review of Bing's AI-Powered Features - Yesterday, Microsoft launched the latest version of Bing, which is now powered by a combination of OpenAI GPT and Microsoft's own Prometheus model. The new Bing is available on the web and in the Edge browser, and it is ahead of Google in bringing advanced AI search to the mainstream. Currently, access to the new Bing and its AI features is limited, but Microsoft plans to open it up to millions of users in the coming weeks.

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When you start using the new Bing, you'll notice that it features a larger query prompt and more information for new users. Bing prompts users to "ask me anything," which means it can handle open-ended questions in addition to keyword-based queries. The results balance between traditional link-based search results and AI-powered features. When you ask for factual information, the AI-powered results are often displayed at the top of the search results page. For more complex answers, they are shown in a sidebar and can be interacted with in a chat-like experience.

However, there have been some inconsistencies in the new Bing, such as sometimes forgetting the new AI experience even exists. The new AI experience can sometimes be inconsistent and unpredictable. Results are generally good, but early testing has shown that it is still too easy to get Bing to produce offensive answers. When this was reported to Microsoft, the problematic queries were fixed, but the company should be aware that others may come up with more creative issues.

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Bing has also been known to provide problematic answers in the past, such as when it was asked to write a column from Hitler's perspective defending the Holocaust. In these cases, Bing would stop writing the response and provide a non-sequitur or a disclaimer. When asked about COVID-19 vaccine misinformation, Bing provided the same answer as ChatGPT and cited articles about the dangers of misinformation as sources, contributing to the spread of misinformation. After being reported, these queries were also stopped.

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Overall, while the new Bing has potential, there are still some issues that need to be addressed to ensure the accuracy and safety of the results.

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