Mid-sized organizations that lack basic cybersecurity measures - survey results are summarized below

Mid-sized organizations that lack basic cybersecurity measures - survey results are summarized below

 Mid-sized organizations that lack basic cybersecurity measures - survey results are summarized below.

worldinnews.com - A survey of mid-sized businesses in the U.S. and Canada has found that many are unable to implement basic cybersecurity measures.

However, 49% of mid-sized businesses intend to allocate more money to cybersecurity in 2023, but only 61% have dedicated cybersecurity personnel in their organization, and 47% do not currently have an incident response plan.

Additionally, 24% of medium-sized companies admitted to having suffered a cyberattack or not knowing if they had.

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The survey, which targeted businesses with between 250 and 2,000 employees in all industry sectors, was initiated by cybersecurity solutions provider Huntress in order to highlight the challenges faced by mid-sized organizations in regards to core functions, including a lack of toolkits, planning, staffing, security awareness training, and difficulty in securing cyber insurance.

The study reported that mid-sized businesses have a difficult time implementing basic training measures and hiring the necessary staff, a significant portion of respondents said they had not deployed threat monitoring, endpoint detection, and response, vulnerability scanning, patch management, or network detection and response.

In reality, only 9% of employees follow security best practices, the Huntress report noted, this creates a significant obstacle in combating cyberattacks in today's complex threat landscape.

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The report also noted that mid-sized businesses should focus on cybersecurity basics in order to reduce risk and increase the likelihood of cyber insurance. The research demonstrated that while 69% of respondents said they were required to have some form of cyber insurance, nearly 30% said they lacked cyber insurance coverage.

In some ways, this research mirrors the "Tale of Two Cities" for mid-sized and smaller companies, said Kyle Hanslovan, the CEO of Huntress. Many report having significant progress in strengthening their cyber defenses, while others acknowledge having significant gaps in resources and talent that significantly increases their cyber risk. Kyle Hanslovan, the CEO of Huntress, commented that. This is why we specialize in providing solutions that are tailored to their specific size and context, these gaps are then closed.

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