New England Patriots React to Tom Brady's Retirement with Pique

Tom Brady's Retirement

New England Patriots React to Tom Brady's Retirement with Pique - Tom Brady, one of the most iconic quarterbacks in NFL history, has officially retired from the sport after playing for over two decades. His career is one of the greatest in sports history, and will be remembered for generations to come. Brady has seven Super Bowl rings, five Super Bowl MVP awards, three NFL MVP awards, and numerous records that will be difficult to surpass.

While Brady was undoubtedly a dominant force in the NFL, his career was not without controversy. Some fans loved him, while others hated him. Regardless of one's personal feelings towards Brady, there is no denying that his career was something special to witness.

However, despite his impressive career, there are still some lingering feelings of bitterness over Brady's departure from the New England Patriots three years ago. These feelings were rekindled following his retirement announcement.

In the aftermath of Brady's announcement, tributes from fans and athletes poured in from all over the world. Some fans rejoiced at the news of his retirement, while others took a moment to reflect on his incredible achievements.

The New England Patriots' reaction to Brady's retirement was somewhat less enthusiastic. The team simply quote-tweeted their retirement graphic from last year and added a Thumbs Up emoji. While this reaction may seem petty, it is a classic example of the dry sense of humor often associated with the people of Boston.

Despite Brady being the greatest player in the history of the Patriots franchise, the team showed little interest in acknowledging his retirement. This is a testament to the level of pettiness that still exists between Brady and the team.

It is also possible to argue that the cold reaction from the Patriots is a response to Brady's own message from last season, which failed to mention the team at all. Regardless of who started this back-and-forth, the Patriots certainly made their stance clear with their reaction to Brady's retirement.


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