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Solutions are available for clients across P&C, specialty lines


AXA XL Expands 'Ecosystem' Suite Access - AXA XL is making significant strides to empower its North American clients with the extension of access to the AXA XL Ecosystem. This expansion encompasses clients in both property & casualty and specialty insurance lines, offering a broad range of innovative solutions. The move underscores AXA XL's commitment to assisting businesses in enhancing safety protocols, protecting their assets, reducing liability, and overall improving their operational performance.

Donna Nadeau, Chief Underwriting Officer for the Americas at AXA XL, expressed her enthusiasm for the extended offering. She emphasized the importance of leveraging new technologies and innovative solutions to address business risks comprehensively across various operations.

Nadeau stated, "We're excited to extend access further with new technologies and innovative solutions that can help our clients address business risks across their operations."

The AXA XL Ecosystem represents a suite of strategic business solutions that harnesses partnerships and services to advance risk management and facilitate sustainable business growth. Initially designed to cater to AXA XL's construction clients, it has since evolved to address risks across a wide array of industries.

Rose Hall, Head of Innovation for AXA XL in the Americas, highlighted the program's commitment to supporting businesses as they navigate the current operating environment, where the cost of risk is on the rise.

Hall commented, "Through the Ecosystem, we're empowering our clients to actively manage risk across their operations. With so many new technologies and services to choose from, we're taking on a lot of the legwork for our clients by pre-qualifying our Preferred Partners and negotiating preferential pricing."

AXA XL's Ecosystem solutions have been developed through strategic partnerships with various firms specializing in critical areas such as workplace safety, property loss prevention, telematics, underground utility mapping, bullet-proof walls, and disaster response services.

The recent additions to the list of Preferred Partners include the following:
  • Driver Technologies: An app-based telematics solution utilizing the driver's cellphone to provide driver and front-facing cameras, along with drive analytics.
  • Gabriel: A security software solution that detects, automates, and supports responses to violent threats.
  • KT Security Solutions: Collapsible bullet-proof walls designed to enhance protection during active shooter situations.
  • LAIIER: Self-adhesive smart water leak sensors designed to fit into tiny spaces, facilitating early detection of leaks.
  • Modjoul: Worker wearable technology aimed at detecting and preventing ergonomic injuries, promoting a safer work environment.
  • Reveal: Offering 3D underground utility mapping, which helps prevent underground utility strikes, reducing the risk associated with excavation and construction work.
  • Saya Life: Water monitoring and leak detection technology to help businesses avoid water-related damage and losses.
  • Voxel: A real-time, AI-based, closed-circuit video analysis system that aids in the detection of workplace hazards and safety breaches.

AXA XL's commitment to enhancing its Ecosystem and expanding the scope of available services underscores the company's dedication to actively assisting its clients in navigating the increasingly complex landscape of risk management and safety in today's business environment. By leveraging innovative technologies and strategic partnerships, AXA XL continues to be at the forefront of supporting its clients in their pursuit of safety and growth.


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